The adverse impact of a breach and the damage that can result can be devastating. With frequent reports of data breaches, companies need to ask themselves, “Are we ready?”

Data breaches can result in investigations by government agencies, litigation, notification expenses, and damage to reputation. Our team provides clients top-notch solutions, guidance, and legal advice before, during, and after a data breach.

The Steptoe & Johnson Cybersecurity Team helps clients plan to reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity breach before it occurs and to be prepared to respond in the event a breach occurs; assists clients with responding to a breach and re-evaluating their cybersecurity plans following a breach; and provides periodic cybersecurity checkups.

Team Focus

Cybersecurity Team members assist clients in the following areas:

  • Banking – Tammie Alexander, Vince Holzhall, Russell Jessee, and John Meadows
  • Communications/Coordination – Betsy Spellman, Steptoe & Johnson Chief Marketing Officer
  • FERC – Kurt Krieger
  • Insurance – Laurie Barbe, Michelle Gaston, Melanie Norris, Chelsea Prince, and Ancil Ramey
  • IT/Technical – Mark Combs, Steptoe & Johnson Chief Information Officer
  • Litigation/Class Action – John Callcott, Jace Goins, Charlie Johns, Karen Kahle, Jim Mulhall, Amy Smith, Deva Solomon, and Monté Williams 
  • Privacy – Rebecca Bates Manno, Susan Haller Pauley, and Charles Sinsel
  • White-Collar Crime – Shawn Morgan
  • Addressing data privacy and security issues in contract negotiations
  • Conducting security risk assessments
  • Drafting data privacy and security policies and procedures
  • Handling data breach investigations and responses, including data breach notifications to regulatory authorities, state authorities, and individuals
  • Investigating domestic and international cybersecurity and hacking incidents